With TalkShop, text messaging is all business now.

TalkShop allows your business to send text messages from your existing landline.

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Consumers send over 150 million text messages to business landlines like yours every single day.

Most text messages sent to business landlines go unanswered. TalkShop is text messaging software designed for small businesses and their employees. Businesses use TalkShop's web, iPhone and Android apps to easily automate, manage and quickly respond to customers — never miss another text message again!

Increase Sales

90% of text messages are opened. Texting from your existing phone number creates trust with your brand.

Improve Customer Service

Over half of Google Searches are done on mobile phones. Integrating your TalkShop account with Google allows customers to text you directly from Google and Google Maps search results.

Interact Better

Maximize your website's effectiveness by adding TalkShop's Tap-to-Text technology. Tap-to-Text allows customers to send you a text message directly from your website. There's nothing to install and no form to fill out.

Implement Easily

Our expert support team can get your business texting in no time. Send us a text 310-622-9125 and we'll TalkShop!

While 89% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses, only 48% of businesses are equipped to connect with customers through a message.

Connect without calls

Simple messages, but more than just words.

Pay as you go, not as you grow

Simple software with even simpler pricing.




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Let's TalkShop. Everyone texts, now your business can too.